Money Loch Web Design Doctor caters to the specific needs of the client whether the client is an individual designing a personal web site or a corporate conglomerate establishing a world-wide online marketing campaign. We evaluate the needs of each client’s project individually and then select the best people to create the website from a talented pool of designers, marketers, and programmers. We have found this is the best way to give you a tailor-made, compelling design and develop creative solutions to even the most unusual tasks.

Each design process includes:

  • Design Consultation - A project manager will gather background information on client’s business, its target market and its goals. Based on this information, the project manager and design team suggests several creative possibilities for the direction of the site.

  • Decision about site navigation - The client and the project manager discuss the options and make creative decisions based on the best way to reach the target audience and accomplish the marketing and sales goals. These decisions will be reflected in both the design of the site and the navigational system that operates the site.

  • Colour scheme – Money Loch Web Design Doctor design team will create up to three colour schemes so that the client can choose what would best represent your company or organization. Based on client’s feedback, the design team will produce mock-ups of the front page and one sub-page for client’s review. Once approved, these templates will be used to create every page on the site.

  • Revision – If, after the client sees the combined colour scheme, site layout, and design and navigation system - but BEFORE any subpages are created - he doesn’t like it, he can completely change everything once for no extra cost. Subsequent changes will incur additional charges.